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House in the Woods

Sell Your House Fast With None Of The Hassle!

Client: "I need to sell my house fast."

Realtor: "We can do it for (insert huge price here) and have it sold in a week!"

-6 months go by, with no results and potential lost revenue.

If this sounds all too familiar, believe us, you are not alone. Many people have been given the false promise of their not so prefect house selling ASAP, Only to be let down by inspections, appraisers, backdoor deals between realtors, and clients wanting repairs done, yet never coming through and purchasing the home. All of this leaving you out of money and time. We are here to fix that!

The pictures above are to show you the kind of home we are willing to buy. This home could not, and would not, pass inspection and required thousands in repairs, yet we were able to get it sold. That is why we ALWAYS MAKE AN OFFER!

Pros of selling your home to us;

1. We will make you an offer and give you a time frame that either we, or one of our network of investors, can close on the home.

2. We do not waste your time or hide our intentions, our goal is to buy your home or get it sold!

3. No commission fees or upfront costs. You will not be asked to fix the home, have inspectors take a look, or have to fill out mountains of paperwork. We handle all of it. Just sit back and wait for the sale to happen.

4. We give you an offer within 48 hours of us seeing the home. 

5. If you accept our offer, just relax and enjoy as we do all the heavy lifting from there. 

Cons of selling your home to us;

1. If we, or our investor network, don't come through with purchasing the home within 90 days of you accepting our offer, we will give you $500. 

The only requirement we have is that the home must be free from any liens or judgements. If your home does have any of these issues, please disclose them to us. There is still a chance we can work with you, either buying or getting your home sold. 

Let get started with selling you home!
First, the Basics.

Sell your home today! Don't delay, fill out the form above now to get a cash offer for your home!

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